"We Believe" All-Natural Health Juice Drink

We received the following testimonials after I shared about this juice product 3 years prior to our manufacturing WE BELIEVE, on another web site. I did this prior to starting Isaiah’s Garden, and did this as well, because of a desire to spread the health…Health redistribution, you might call it.

I’d had a massive heart attack June 28, 2008. As a result, I was on seven prescription heart medicines. I was using these prescribed drugs when a very close friend, who had been born in India, recommended to me a NATURAL treatment.

I placed my trust in God’s bounty, and I threw my prescription meds away; I began making and taking the concoction that became WE BELIEVE. I have now been FREE of prescribed heart medications since June 23, 2011, and take only my daily tablespoon of WE BELIEVE.

In addition to better health and no drug side effects, I have saved thousands of dollars that would have been spent on medications and doctors’ appointments.

To our delight, not long after sharing about this juice product, word began to pour in that others were also seeing benefits from the NATURAL treatment I’d shared.

I cannot begin to describe the sense of gratification in reading the words of thanks received from people enjoying a renewed health that nothing else had afforded them. It has been humbling and continues to be so.

Funny enough, along with good words and thanks came a nearly unanimous pleading for me to make and market this miracle juice.

It seems that in addition to the benefits, folks simply wanted to run to the store and buy the product. Many professed of not owning a juicer, or not having the time to make the juice, and many simply stated, they sure didn’t want to deal with garlic and ginger “cooking down.”

In short, they wanted odor-free convenience and were happy to pay for it.


Isaiah’s Garden was born, with its intent to produce an all-natural, freshly extracted juice and honey-combo product that was time tested and proven to benefit not only myself, but the scores of others who commented back to us in their own health benefit testimonials.

The reasons again being, were for convenience in helping others from a health standpoint…

AND, to do it as cost effectively as we possibly could.

What follows are some of the testimonials we’ve received.

WE BELIEVE is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and is not FDA approved. Our product’s reputation is based upon personal experience and the worldwide testimonies of others.


Stv Chary says:

This is an excellent medicine. One of my friends, who recently went to Belgium told me that he met a person from Pakistan, who was advised to undergo Angioplasty. Then that patient went to a ‘Hakim’ (a unani doctor), who suggested this medicine. Believe it or not the blocks were found to have been cleared in 15 days. This is the truth.

Sumit says:

Hi Deb and Dub,

I am a 32 years old, East Indian male currently living in Canada. Its been over 10 years i have high cholesterol problem, mainly high triglyceride. After reading your post i followed the instructions and gave it a try. and i am very happy to share that my triglyceride dropped by 1.1 point in just couple of months. it was 6.7 couple of months back, and now its 5.6.

amazing thing is i am not taking any medication or did much changes in my diet ( i did cut down on fried food and red meat). I am going to continue taking the mixture and will keep post my next results.

I visited my doctor today, and she highly recommends me to keep taking the medications. May be i can do both.

Thanks for sharing this miracle recipe.

Jackie says:

Hi there!

Good day…

I’m glad to share my experience with this mixed juices.

I’m working as a private nurse in one of the family here in Oman.

My client had an heart attack last January 2013, he undergone PTCA in one blocked artery and has been under medications. He tried to change his diet and do some exercise but still his cardiologist was not happy with the results of his lipid profile.

Then we tried to go with a natural medicine, I advised him to drink fruit juices especially the pomegrrnate juice, betruit and watermelon because its very good for the heart & cholesterol. But still his cardiologist was not happy with the lipid profile test results and he changed the dosage of the medicines.

Then I read one article about this…. I decided to try it for my client since he’s also interested with natural medicines. So I made for him. Then after a month, thanks God that his lipid profile test results was so, so good and his cardiologist was very, very happy. But we didn’t tell the cardiologist that my client is taking this juice.

Then I decided to decrease the dose of her lipitor to 40mg from 80mg then after a month again the result still very awesome!

I highly believe that this mixture really helps a lot.

We will visit the cardiologist again on September 8, 2013 & we’ll see what he’s going to say with the results of the blood test again and his assessments. If the result will still be so good I told my client that we will stop his lipitor and take the mixture 2tbsp daily.

I think it is best taken with empty stomach.

I just wanted to know, for how many months or years you can store this miracle juice?

Thanks and God bless.

Inderdeep singh says:

Hi I got mix juice from my mum she was suffering from asthma, cough, from 12 year and in India healthcare is not free we spent 1200000 Rs on medicines . But doesn’t make any difference, one day mum health was very poor .. Then my friend came he suggest mix juice to my mum . With in 3 month my mum feel well and now she is healthy and wealthy bcz we save money from doctor so highly recommend !

drooty says:

Hi… been making this elixir with pure …juices bought from amazon and …and… bought at local store .I would also like to suggest that you brush teeth at night then take the elixir almost a shot glass full rinse your gums before swallowing … I have periodontal gum desiese and the elixir seems to have an effect on my mouth. When making the elixir the house smells wonderful and I find that I have a taste for it my wife to …. let see if we can find other elixirs that have been around…

Amber says:

If YOURE into natural healing you have to hydrate yourself properly.

1Cup of NATURAL Carrot juice twice a week hydrates your cells tremendously which allows PROPER absorption of nutrients and most INPORTANT will properly flush away Toxins of the organs and blood stream!

ALSO of course water will hydrate BUT it has to be purified correctly!

done so with LOW heat and lOW SURFACE TENSION! Also No plastic bottles they contain femaldahyde!! If a plastic bottle ever gets heated which they always do from transporting it can harm your nutrient absorption and eventually make you system sick.

I wish most ppl new this!

Your ingredients on helping your heart Are great!

Elizabeth says:

I started taking this Oct. 16th because my cholesterol was 287. My doc wanted me on statins which I had stopped previously because of the terrible leg cramps it causes. She put me on it again and the cramps started again, so I took myself off them. I began the “elixir” and took it for 6 weeks before my blood tests. I was ecstatic to see my cholesterol had dropped 37 points in 6 weeks!! It is still high at 251 but I will continue to take this and see what my next blood tests show in 3 months!! It is incredible!! BTW, mine did not turn blue-green when I boiled it !??!

Sandy Grant says:

OK…………..here is the news we have been waiting on.

My total Cholesterol was 213 (norm for women 100-199

HDL 73 (norm->39)

LDL 107 (norm 0-99)

Triglycerides 165 (norm 0-149) Mine was 300

Best part is that my ratio is 1.5 and that is WONDERFUL

I am staying with my red yeast rice (eating red rice and taking the capsules daily) and taking the vinegar solution. My Dr. is not convinced and is doing more blood work in 3 months. I am thrilled.

Ruben Sandhu says:

well let me tell u guys, that i am an asthamatic patient since last 40 years, and after taking this mixture for the first time i was off steroid inhalers.my asthma just disappeared. To top it ,my immune system got a huge boost. few days back i was travelling with some friends and 2 of them had severe cold n cough, and me being very finnicky, was wishing i hadn’t travelled with them as i was feeling i would catch it from them.

trust me friends…we were together for 4 days, and i came back hale n hearty. Its the first time in my life ,i didnt catch infection from someone…….

friends PLEASE go ahead and take it ……its a miracle cure…..

lotsa luv …….Ruben

Ruben Sandhu says:

ok……i missed an important point…….my asthma was cured after i took the mixture for almost a month and a half…….Ruben……

Deb says:

My Mother in Law SWEARS by this concoction. Her cholesterol is lower than it has been in a long time … dropping 40+ points. I am going to start taking this as well. Her neighbor is Sri Lankan (?) and gave her this recipe.


I have 3 blocks in my heart. I will surely try your mixer of juices, as one of my friend have also benifited by this. Thank you.

Sandy Grant says:

Arun……..I have been taking it for about a year and my results as of Monday morn have been great. All of my results are great. I have also been taking red yeast rice twice a day along with it.

bert says:

apply low heat in boiling the elixer until 3 cups remain!

I’ve been using it for almost two months now and i’m feeling good!!! been advised for heart bipass or angioplasty last march but said no, instead opted to try this.

will keep you posted of my medical result next month…

Mimi Jacinto says:

Dear Deb,

My husband and I have been taking the mixture for more than two weeks now —

1 tbsp. before breakfast daily — is that enough? do you think its alright to take twice or thrice a day? I know the ingredients have great properties for the body. I just feel adding a little more won’t hurt. We are into alternative stuff and semi vegetarians (no pork/ beef) and adding this concoction to our diet is easy. Yes, I have been spreading the news/ your link to others– loved ones , friends and strangers. If they want to feel good, they have to make the effort to do it, right? Thank you for the great info — many people are going to benefit from it. God Bless!


KKumar says:

I had heard about this some time back but was not sure how good this is.

Finally i decided to jump into the band wagon and made this mixture last night.

I will say i have to agree that we whole house stinked for over 12 hours. Pheew.

Took the first dose this morning.

Btw i had a massive attack in 2009 and had 2 full blocks and am present inserted with two stents.

As of mid this year i started to have the same old pain again and am going for my angiogram on the 30th of this month (oct). I hope that taking this mixture i will come out of this with flying colors.

Thanks for the write up and God bless.


KKumar says:

Hi Guys,

Just got back last night from the hospital after undergoing my angiogram. The results surprised me. All this while i was thinking that taking this mixture will help me a bit, But i was wrong.

It did not help me a bit. IT HELPED ME ALOT. I was in for a shock when the doc told me my stents are all clear and the 60% block i had in one vein was totally cleared. Wow. Was i dreaming…. no i was not.

I would like to thank Dub and Deb for highlighting this article for all of us.

Thank you again and God bless you folks.

Btw i pray and hope you guys are all from from the superstorm Sandy. God bless you guys.



Shabbir Tayebjee says:

I have been using this mixture of …for the past 8 months and has worked miracles., Cholestrol is way down , Blood pressure in normal , headaches are gone , digestion has improved. No more medication now.

Shabbir says:

Hi Dub & Deb:

Many thanks for sharing your recipe for vein opening.

I am also seriously into complementary & alternative medicine. You may try chelation, ECP and supplementary medicine which works wonders and is an alternative route to angio and bypass.
All the best. Health is all the wealth we have


B.S.Sidhu. says:

Hello everybody.

Someone sent me an email on this mixture and I made it. For one week, my wife was grumbling about the garlic smell. When I wanted to make it the second time, I told here I am going outdoors to make it. She said ”no”. Make it in the house. How about the garlic smell, I asked her. She asked me to make it near an open window and used a fan to blow the smell out of the window. It worked. No garlic smell in the house.

Even before taking the mixture, I went for a check-up. The Doctor gave me a clean bill of health. But I thought, why not get the umbrella ready before it rains. am a tour guide. I meet hundreds of people during my tours. And my last departing words to my guest is about this mixture. I feel that if it can help even one person, then my purpose coming into this world if fruitful. May GOD bless people who help others.

Joseph Gomez says:

In 2004, I have been advised to go for angiogram on having noticed a severe block in the main arteries behind the neck with severe pain in the neck as well as arm muscles.

This advice came from a famous med institute on admission to their hospital after having a very difficult situation with severe pain the arm muscles for about three days and until i fell down while i do not know about anything for about a few seconds.

As i was not interested in going for angiogram i took only medication for about a year. In 2005, due to not being regular in taking the medication du to some reason the attack repeated once more. Again I went for all types of tests including TMT and have been advised to go for angiogram. But as I said earlier I was taking only the medication.

Fortunately I had read a mail from my friend regarding this medication and I started using regularly.

Within six months time the pain in the neck disappeared but I continued to take this homemade medicine and was having a feeling that no uncomfortable situation around my chest. Now in Nov 2012 I had an ecg test which found no signs of any blocks and the report was clear.

Then I have been advised to discontinue the medicines connected with.

But I continue to take this home-made medicine regularly. And I take this opportunity to thank all those responsible. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Mumtaz says:

i am using regularly from about six months and feeling very well

Dave says:

hey thx for your prompt reply dub. I really like your statement about faith in God. that’s where I place my trust as well . I praise Him for people like you willing to trust ,follow, and share what He has shown you.

God bless and keep the faith


L.D. Sharma says:

I have been using the mixture for last 3 months and find lot of improvement in health. I have 2 stents put in my arteries. My BP, cholesterol are all normal.Pl use it for 3 months to feel the benefits. God bless all living beings.


Vicky says:

I’ve really enjoyed your post. My husband and I are 54 and aren’t aware of any heart problems, however will begin taking this mixture as a preventative. My husband is diabetic and this mixture has some honey, however at a tablespoon per day, along with all the other juices mixed in there, there would be very little honey in it and I believe the health benefits would outweigh any problem the honey would cause.

Thanks for your blog, very helpful.

James (Jim) Huffman Sr. says:

As we speak I am brewing up my 4th batch, stove exhaust fan on high, kitchen window wide open as is the sliding door in the dining room . . . I’m 80+ years old with a six pack of stints in my ticker . . . and I can live with the beautiful garlic smell . . . Tablespoon a day keeps ya out of the cath lab . . .

Jade says:

I read through all the conversations and I leant a lot from different questions and shares. I decide to give it a try. I just wish to know about it in 12 years ago. I had triple bypass in 2001 and became a diabetic in 2005. I lost 20 pounds right after the surgery but gained a lot during 12 years. In 2007 I had angiograph and doctor told me that I will need heart transplant because of my veins are narrow and a few of them have been blocked at least 80%. He can’t put a stent in any if there are something happen in future.

I see that the blog has ended in April 2013. Anyone knows what happen to Mr D and his wife Deb? Any other heart disease people out there who got benefit from the garlic drink? Please continue to share experience. Thank you.

Mirza Ahsanul Kabir says:

I read all the above writings. I have 4 heart blockage with 28% EP and I already faced 2 major heart attacks. I don’t whether it will help or not but I want to try that ginger, garlic etc mix.

Hope it will work
God bless every one.

Thanks everybody

Patty Locke

my mother’s 90 years old she’s been so sick every year.and in out the Hospital.her blood work was badshe had colds all the time he didn’t want to live anymore.we got so tired of taking her to the hospital all the time.she started taking she’s been taking it for year now she has not been sick for a year.her doctor said her blood work was perfect.he even wanted to know what she was doing we told him he want to know how to make it he want to try it.


I am using the mixture of apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Honey and Ginger for more than one year. It has given relief from my knee joint pains, and surely a tooth ache which actually got infected requiring Root Canal Treatment, now no more problem with that particular tooth. I am 60 yr old and do not about my heart status, but definetely it should help me. We have to believe.
stv chary

A couple conversations on being diabetic and taking this mixture. IF you happen to be diabetic, please read these next couple of comments. We learn a couple things here, can you take this because of the honey content…1- a diabetic has been taking this mixture and seen good results. 2- From his (Muneer) comments back to (Sonia, who was asking can a diabetic take this) it simply shows the goodness of one human being and because of this, their willingness to help out another…THIS is what it is all about, and the reasoning behind our decision to start manufacturing this product, and having this website…helping others!


Hi everyone. .this has been a very helpful blog and great work on ur part sir…my query I hope someone can really help me with..has anyone who is diabetic gone thru this wonder remedy and experienced any changes ..I mean my anticipation is about honey if anyone can really share would be great…thanks and god bless all


Well hello to you as well, and might I add, that it too was evidently GREAT WORK on your end as well to simply be able to read and comprehend my style of writin, Ma’am! lol!

Very, very good question in regards to the honey and being diabetic! Honey is the most used product by volume in this mix. I don’t believe I’ve heard from anyone who is a diabetic through comments coming back to us. I would VERY MUCH love to be able to answer your question for you, but I can’t. I always suggest running this by your Doctor when a diabetic.

I know that honey versus sugar is processed entirely differently by our bodies, but again, I’d be scared to even venture a guess in your regard.

I’m very sorry I can’t be of more help, but hopefully someone will see your question on here and be able to help you out. I sure hope so!

If not, just ask your Doctor. If yours is as helpful as mine, he’ll help you out. I’m very blessed with my personal doc. If you do get an answer, please let us know, okay?

Thank you for stopping by to visit and your kind words. Wishing you and yours the very best, and God Bless!



Hi thanks for the instant response….how is wish i had a doc as honest as yours…but the only reason y i have questioned you is becoz majority of docs today cannot be trusted..they refrain from giving honest feedback to patients just so that they dont lose them as patients…they generally do not want their patients to adopt natural remedies and keep healthy…i am sorry this is my personal experience amongst the docs i have come across so far with due respect to their being
..but if anyone could really help me out with this and m sure this would be an issue with many of us….thanks again

HER ANSWER (help from another reader)


I am Diabetic Type 2 since last 15 years and trying my best to keep it under good control.
Recently, I had CABGx3 (on Oct 11, 2013) and since last one month I am using this (1 table spoon early morning, on empty stomach, daily) and I did not see increase in my sugar level. Infact, I had used this mixture one month before my CABG operation, (but did not continue and decided to go for CABG operation. Well, it is better to be late, than never to be) and during my regular (which is every 3 months) blood work, my HBA1C showed better results, which means the honey contents of this mixture is not having effect on my over all blood sugar level.

After the CABG operation, I stopped eating Red Meat and am mostly on vegetables (once or twice a week, I do eat chicken and or fish), no egg yellow (I eat only egg white), l take low fat dairy products (a glass of milk daily in b/f and a cup of tea with milk in the evening) In short, this is my diet and I do exercise (treadmill – 30 minutes and bicycle-10 minutes in Gym) 5-7 days per week and walk, walk and walk a lot all day long or as much as possible. My BP is around 110-12-/70-80, pulse 70, BMI=22, height 180cm, weight 71kg, age-57 years, happily married with 3 kids (of which 2 daughters married and leading happy life and 1 son still studying in college).

Well, good luck and happy healthy life to all of us.


Thanks a ton Mr
muneer ..it really takes a lot to spare some time out of one’s schedule just to satisfy someones concern, and i really appreciate for your effort…and thank you mr.bronson for doing such a wonderful and kind job…god bless all

More Testimonies

Every single testimony we receive we consider very special, again, every single one. We do have some we consider very special. Of these, this testimony we received last week, probably touched our hearts more so than any other…it was from Rich, who after going through testimonials earlier today, I found he had written us once before.

We’d like to share both with you now…

Rich…April 8, 2014


This makes a half gallon. How long can this be refrigerated for if we are only taking a table spoon a day before it looses it potency or goes bad?

Rich…May 21,2014

This recipe has been a God send. I have unilateral vocal cord paralysis which has caused me to have vocal cord dysfunction. I was getting episodes when the nerve spasmed that was causing the tissue around my vocal cords to swell and make me feel like i could not breathe. So i would run to clinic and/or ER to get a shot of steroids and Rx for Prednisone to open the airway. Because of the steroid usage and Prednisone i gained about 50 lbs. I always had a constant feeling of a lump in my throat and was placed on Xanax to help me cope. I was have to take sometimes as many as 3 to 4 a day.

Since starting this remedy, the constant feeling of a lump in my throat has gone away. I am off Xanax. I have lost about 30 pounds. I have not had to go to clinic or ER. My episodes have reduced significantly to the point that I can control them with breathing excercises. My blood pressure has never been better. My cholesterol has lowered. The longer I am on it, I notice feeling better and better.



Good morning Rich!

Wow…I don’t know what to say? Great testimonial my friend! Very, very glad for you buddy!

It’s people like you Rich who make this all so very worthwhile. Helping others…it truly doesn’t get any better than that!

I want to direct you quickly Rich to another site we’ve put up…. https://www.isaiahsgarden.com.

We sell this very same product already made. Same juice I take. Did this for the people who don’t have a juicer, or don’t have the time in the day to stop and make it, just don’t want to make it, or even complain about the overpowering smell of garlic and ginger in their kitchen.

Being the great product that it is, this is our attempt to get more and more out there to help others just like you and I, but with the convenience of not having to make it for themselves.

Anyway, we can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate such a wonderful testimony from you, and are ecstatic for your own health improvement along with all the others as well.

It’s not us that helped improve your health though Rich…that honor goes to the Good Lord for providing us with all natural fruits and veggies to nourish our bodies with! HE gets all the credit. We’re simply the messengers!

God Bless you Rich. Please stop in to visit any time!

Here are a few updated testimonies I’d sent out inquiring if they’re still taking the juice on a regular basis.

Mimi Jacinto

Dear Doug,

Hello! thank you for acknowledging my comment —-yes, my husband and I are still taking the “heart juice”— it has been part of our health regime ever since. Both of us feel good and in perfect health–never experience heart problems. I’ve been spreading the news of the “heart juice” to friends, strangers and family by sending your link to them which I know has a good source of information. Some are into it and of course, some are not. There are also people who feel desperate with their condition who have stopped taking their pharma-meds and would like to try natural means. They have their choice and I have done my part to help others. We are still semi-vegetarians and are careful with our diet — aside from the heart juice, we have been taking Diatomaceous Earth food grade daily and recently, we started doing heavy metal detox adding cilantro and chlorella to our diet, and have been drinking oxygen water that we make from Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food grade (Check this out —http://www.earthworkshealth.com/human-use.php——-& good book entitled “the one-minute Cure” by Madison Cavanaugh). Bottom line, we feel great and look young for our age. You know it works when you feel the stamina and balance and receive compliments from others – 🙂 —- Thanks again and God Bless!

James Huffman

Yes, I’m still taking it daily first thing in the morning.


lokeshwar sharma

Dear friend,

Nice to see your mail. I have been taking the elixir for quite some time now and find improvement. In fact if you can add dry pomengrade seeds water early morning empty stomach is very good for cleaning arteries. I m taking this as well. I have completed 60 yrs and find myself fit. Of course I am very regular to workouts and exercises.

God bless


Bhagwan Singh

Hi Doug,

Nice of you to remember me. I do receive e-mails from friends like you. Good to hear that the mixture has done some good for you. I don’t know why, but i always end my tour with this mixture.
Yes. I take this mixture every day, no miss, unless i go overland. So far i have not been ill, sick, nor had flu or cold for years since i started taking this mixture. Promise you, even today i went to buy honey and told the shopkeeper to look up the recipe in the internet which she did, and told me she will also spread the word on it’s goodness.

You know, there are thousands of remedies we can take to heal ourselves without going to Doctors. They have spend millions of dollars doing research and don’t you think that they have to make back the money.

Another thing is water. Always pray and focus positive when drinking water. You will benefit a lot by positive thinking.

What else do i feel. I feel healthy, active and more energetic.

Thanks for remembering me. I pray that you and your family will be healthy all your life.


Bhagwan Singh (B.S.Sidhu)

Lastly we have my own.

I had a massive heart attack in June of 2008. I was prescribed 7 different heart medications. I started taking our product in June of 2011, and have not taken the first prescribed heart medication since.

Doug Bronson.

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