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Joe and Pam
Orlando, Florida
We found out about Isaiah’s Pure Natural from a friend in New York.  As many of you might relate, when you are 58, the engine doesn’t run as well as it used to. Based on our friends’ recommendation, we got a bottle of Isaiah’s Pure Natural and began to take our spoonful daily. 

I (Joe) was hoping to get off of Lipitor…something I had been taking for a lot of years for cholesterol issues. My wife has had thyroid issues for years, with nothing from the doctors really seeming to help. Well, I am off of Lipitor for the first time in probably 5 years, while my wife’s thyroid symptoms have subsided. Was it due to Isaiah’s Pure Natural?  Who knows? But that seems to be the common denominator for both of us…so we will continue using this wonderful product on a regular basis, and we’d recommend to anyone reading this note to try it as well.

Also, based on our initial experience with Isaiah’s Pure Natural, we have tried each of the company’s products and they are all great in their own way.  Mostly we use them for cooking and drinks (ginger and honey). So keep up the good work Doug and Katherine…awesome stuff.

Elizabeth says:
I started taking this Oct. 16th because my cholesterol was 287.

My doc wanted me on statins which I had stopped previously because of the terrible leg cramps it causes. She put me on it again and the cramps started again, so I took myself off them.

I began the “elixir” and took it for 6 weeks before my blood tests. I was ecstatic to see my cholesterol had dropped 37 points in 6 weeks!! It is still high at 251 but I will continue to take this and see what my next blood tests show in 3 months! It is incredible!

May 21, 2014
This recipe has been a God send.

I have unilateral vocal cord paralysis which has caused me to have vocal cord dysfunction. I was getting episodes when the nerve spasm caused the tissue around my vocal cords to swell and make me feel like I could not breathe.

So I would run to the clinic and/or ER to get a shot of steroids and Rx for Prednisone to open the airway. Because of the steroid usage and Prednisone I gained about 50 lbs. I always had a constant feeling of a lump in my throat and was placed on Xanax to help me cope. I was having to take sometimes as many as 3 to 4 a day.

Since starting this remedy, the constant feeling of a lump in my throat has gone away. I am off Xanax.

I have lost about 30 pounds. I have not had to go to a clinic or ER. My episodes have reduced significantly to the point that I can control them with breathing exercises. My blood pressure has never been better. My cholesterol has lowered. The longer I am on it, I notice feeling better and better.


I’ve been taking Isaiah’s Pure Natural from Isaiah’s Garden since Doug and Kathrine founded their company, and I was also one of the many people worldwide that were asking them to manufacture and sell it.

I know Doug and Kathrine well, we attend the same church, and I knew of Doug’s heart attack, and that he’d only been taking Isaiah’s Pure Natural for over 3 years, after dropping his 7 prescription heart medicines. That was enough for me.  I have been on their product now for over 7 months, and the results I see from my own personal experience are…Energy…Joint relief…and overall, I just simply FEEL better. I’m in business that I get calls at times during the late night hours, and what really sticks out to me is in the past, all those little aches and pains from getting up and going again after being in a deep sleep just aren’t there anymore. So do yourself a favor and try this all natural health enhancer, because I believe you’ll see a difference in your own health regard!

Hi! I’ve been taking your product now, Isaiah’s Pure Natural, for over 3 months. I wanted to drop you a heartfelt thank you for making this product available to the public. I have more energy, and the pain from inflammation in my hands has practically gone away. I have even noticed an improvement in my vision, and as whole, I do feel better!

Continued success, and God Bless!

I am 58 years old and I have been taking about 1.5 tablespoons of Isaiah’s Pure Natural 1st thing in the morning for about 6 months now. After 45 days or so I began to notice subtle health effects.  I felt more energetic, and I began losing weight more rapidly (note: I’ve been on a weight loss/exercise program since August 2012 to lower blood pressure and cholesterol).  And best of all, waking up aroused.  I haven’t experienced that since my early forty’s.  The only thing that has changed in my diet and exercise has been the addition of Isaiah’s Pure Natural. I have always shunned prescription meds, even when prescribed by my doctor.  I am very happy that Doug and Kathrine have chosen to produce this juice and make it available in the market place.  I believe this product will enable me to stay away from manufactured chemicals, including Viagra or Cialis. Meds that treat symptoms while providing in some cases, undesirable side effects.  Both the ED drugs increase blood flow.  Something the Garlic does naturally!


A few things I left out of my note above…

CUSTOMER SERVICE. . . At Isaiah’s Garden, Honesty and Integrity aren’t just words…they live and breathe it as they hold themselves accountable to a higher authority.

April 21, 2014
I made my first purchase of two bottles of We Believe (Isaiah’s Pure Natural), from Isaiah’s Garden.

Three weeks pass with no product received.  An email to the company was responded to immediately with USPS tracking number information to find where it is.   This led to the discovery that the package was lost at a USPS distribution center.   Doug at Isaiah’s Garden immediately shipped another package.  This package was lost again by the shipper and never arrived.  With many apologies, Doug reshipped the order via FedEx and I received my We Believe Juice safe and sound.  During this whole time Doug at Isaiah’s Garden was in constant communication through emails wanting to be notified when I received my order so he could start sleeping again.  This company does what exactly what they say they do and does whatever it takes to ensure their customers are satisfied.