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Lemon Juice In Isaiah’s Garden, we offer freshly extracted, from here on our place, 100% pure, all-natural lemon juice. There are no additives or preservatives, nor is it made from concentrate.

When we are extracting the juice from our lemons, we juice peel and all, and this is exactly how we utilize the lemon juice in our product, WE BELIEVE.

Why do we juice the peel in our products?

Simply because of the nutrient value we’d lose in neglecting the peel.

Through our own research we find by not using the peel you may lose 5, maybe even up to 10% of the vitamins and minerals found in just the juice of the lemon. That in itself was sufficient enough reasoning for us here in Isaiah’s Garden to make the decision to juice peel and all, and which is exactly how I’ve been using it myself now for over 3 years.

Some of the health benefits from lemons are treatment of throat infections, fever, indigestion, alkalizing your body, it’s a great liver food, aids in the treatment of acne, and helps in building a strong immune system.

Our lemon juice is offered to you the very same as all our other product line…FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental United States.

Thank you all again for taking the time to drop in and visit us here in Isaiah’s Garden…where our gate is ALWAYS open!

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