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Here in Isaiah’s Garden, the honey used in our product WE BELIEVE, is a wildflower/gallberry mix, which happens to be a darker variety of honey than some of the others. With this said, the reasoning behind our decision in choosing one of the darker varieties to use in the manufacture of WE BELIEVE is that in general, the darker the honey, the better it’s antibacterial and antioxidant power.

Honey’s medicinal values include the treating of wounds and skin ulcers,the easing of coughs,seasonal allergy symptoms, helps aid in gastrointestinal well-being, and has anti-inflammatory, as well as cardiovascular health benefits as well.

The honey sold here in Isaiah’s Garden, is a 100% pure, raw honey and is the very same we use, once more, in the production of WE BELIEVE, and is offered to you with FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE in the continental United States.

Thank you again for stopping in and shopping Isaiah’s Garden…where our gate is AWAYS open!

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