Isaiah’s Garlic Extract


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This is the newest addition to Isaiah’s Garden family of products, and garlic lovers, you are in for a treat! Isaiah’s Pure Garlic Extract is a perfect ingredient for salads, pasta, veggies, fish, and meats, and of course is used by many for associated health reasons.

Garlic is cultivated and widely used in almost every culture in the world for its myriad of medicinal values. In fact, garlic is the oldest cultivated plant in the world, and its hidden qualities have been recognized for longer than the written word. Five-thousand-year-old Sanskrit writings document employing garlic for medical use. The Chinese have been using it in medicines for over three thousand years. Some of the greatest names in history, such as Hippocrates, Aristotle, and Pliny, write about the therapeutic magic of garlic. Such was its mystic power that it was even believed to ward off vampires. Try doing that with a handful of pretty lilies.

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