"We Believe" All-Natural Health Juice Drink

I have been using our product for almost 3 years in regards to my own Heart Health after having a heart Attack in 2008. This product not only has helped me in this way, but also from the standpoint of supplying my body with the Nutrition I receive from the ingredients used in our mix.

The Lemon Juice, Ginger Juice, and Garlic Juice are juiced by us here, on our place.

We purchase them from a very good friend of ours over the past 35 years, and who is the General Manager of a very, very large produce company here in Central Florida.

He has been a tremendous help to us in procuring the very best, and Freshest Produce we can put our hands on.

We had bought a couple hundred pounds of produce from him for our “initial run,” in the manufacture of “We Believe.”

The freshness of his product from what we’d been getting from our local supermarket chain for our own personal usage was immediate.

Remember, I’ve been making this product for close to 3 years now for my own Heath Reasons, remember too, that I’ve not been on any type of prescribed Heart Meds for this whole time, so knowing and comparing the products we’ve been using is actually a no-brainer for us.

As a matter of fact, Kathrine walked in on us while we were in the middle of juicing our test run, and noticed it right off the bat too.

She commented as soon as she walked in the door that it was apparent these products were MUCH fresher, and the quality was incomparable, even from the standpoint of simply a visual look-see.

The color, the firmness, and actually the juice content itself all are just a step above what we’d been using in the past.

The Apple Cider Vinegar is purchased from other sources, as well as our honey used.

But, in regards to our Honey, it is purchased from a local distributor, here in town, who has over 200 beekeepers in Florida as his suppliers.

We purchase it in 55 gallon drums.

It is pure, raw honey. Matter of fact we have to strain it prior to our own use, as we purchase it in its natural raw state…just as the beekeepers bring it to our supplier.

Personally, in my own regard, I’m very strict in the quality of most anything I’m involved in, and especially the things that I put into my body today.

You have my personal guarantee in your own regard that the products we use in our company, “Isaiah’s Garden,” in the production of any of our products, are all of the very best and freshest quality we can put our hands on.

In closing, our only wish is that our product may benefit you guys from a Health Standpoint, just as it has for me in regards to my own Heart Health (Heart Attack in 2008),and all the others who were kind enough to stop, and take the time to send us their own testimonials.

If you have any questions, or we may be of any help, please, just give us a shout.

Here’s wishing you the very best in all things, and God Bless you and yours!

Thank you again for dropping in to visit, from all of us here in…

“Isaiah’s Garden.”

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