Good morning …we hope this post finds you all doing well.

I’d like to talk about statins today, and my personal experience with one of these drugs in particular…

Most know that I had a massive heart attack in June of 2008, and was put on 7 different prescribed heart medications.

To be honest, today I can’t even remember what most of them were.

The point to our post today is this…

The one heart medication I do remember, besides niacin, was Lipitor.

The reason I remember Lipitor was actually very simple…

I couldn’t take it, and had to be prescribed another after I began noticing side effects. I had taken Lipitor for over a year.

The main problem I saw fairly quickly was short term memory loss. It got to the point when speaking to a family member, they obviously were the first to notice, I’d simply lose my train of thought literally in mid-sentence.

Absolutely forget what I was conversing about, and this coming from a guy who had a great memory prior to.

My ability to focus on a project around the house, for example, was hindered as well.

Finally, my heart doctor replaced the Lipitor with another prescription med.

After better than 3 years of these prescription drugs I opted to go all natural, and have used our product, Isaiah’s Pure Natural ever since in regards to my heart health, for over 3-1/2 years now exclusively.

With a cost of $19.99 for a single 15 oz. bottle, which is a 30 day supply, Isaiah’s Pure Natural is very, very cost effective, with a daily dosage breakdown of approx., 67 cents per day.

I’ll supply the link to an article I’ve just read, which is titled, “The Pro’s and Cons of Statins,” and is just one of many I’ve read in the past on this same topic.

What really struck me most in regards to this article were the comments they’d received back, and in many cases speaking of the same side effects I personally had suffered while on Lipitor.

Please take a few moments to read them for yourself.


These are simply a few of the reasons I made the decision to go all-natural in my own heart health regard, and 3-1/2 years later, I’m doing just fine, and very happy with my decision.

Prescription heart meds, in my own regard, and the side effects involved, led me to ask myself the question…when do the good benefits become outweighed by the bad?

Have a great day and God Bless!




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