A Quick Hello

Good morning. We hope today’s post finds everyone doing well.

We simply wanted to quickly share with you this morning a couple emails we’d received here lately.

The first, having a problem locating our flagship product, due to a name change, and the second being a great testimony.

Most know we have changed our product names, our labeling, and our website. The very same great products, but with a different look.

I’ll post the reasoning behind these changes at the bottom of this post.

As you know, our flagship product Isaiah’s Pure Natural, originally was named, “WE BELIEVE.”

We have a customer who had bought his first order with the “WE BELIEVE” product name, and once he went back to our site to reorder, he couldn’t find it on our site, and emailed me of his dilemma.

Understand that each 15 oz. bottle of our product is a 30 day supply, so if you order a couple bottles, or even three or more to receive our “free shipping,” you’re talking a 60 to 90 day supply, and this is simply how Kevin, missed our changes.

I explained all this to Kevin, and supplied the link explaining the why’s and how comes for our doing so in regards to the changes we’d made, and that “WE BELIEVE” had now became, “Isaiah’s Pure Natural.”

Once he’d gotten our reasoning, he expressed this back to us in a couple different emails…

Got it…I’ve taken “WE BELIEVE” for two months and I am impressed.

Thank you sir – after two bottles my cholesterol level dropped 132 points – I’ll order more this month of the Pure Natural and at the end of May I will have blood work done and write a testimonial for you.


Thank you again




This other email is from a good friend of ours in regards to her mother, whom we also know very well.

Mom had great news after using your cholesterol lowering product.  She is TOTALLY off all cholesterol meds!  Her doctor asked for the name of the product and actually looked you up on the internet.  I can only hope she steers more folks your way.  I go in for a cholesterol update next month.  I can’t wait to see the results.  I’ll be placing my next order next week.

Love to you both,


Our reasoning behind our changes, mainly being simply bringing our company name of Isaiah’s Garden, and the name “Isaiah” as a whole, into a more prominent role into our product line, and keeping “WE BELIEVE” as our company motto…as we DO BELIEVE, in our faith and our products!

The link…   https://www.isaiahsgarden.com/ourstory.php

Have a great day, and God Bless!



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