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Good morning, my name is Doug Bronson, and I’m the Founder and CEO of Isaiah’s Garden. We hope this post finds everyone doing well.

In today’s post, I’m going back and putting up some older reviews in regards to our product, Isaiah’s Pure Natural, a 100% All Natural product that has helped others worldwide in their own quest for better Health.

Made only from the freshest, best quality ingredients, Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Ginger, and 100% pure Raw Honey, we can put our hands own.

As most by now know, I’ve used our product, Isaiah’s Pure Natural, exclusively for almost 4 years after suffering a massive Heart Attack in 2008, and being placed on 7 different Prescription Heart medicines.

In June of 2011, I tossed my Heart meds, and started a daily regime of Isaiah’s Pure Natural at a daily dose of 1 tablespoon a day, every day, taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

I put the recipe that I acquired from a very good personal friend of mine from India, and he gave it to me for one specific reason…helping to keep the Arteries in my Heart clean.

Personally, I’ve never looked back.

I did this, posting the recipe, first in Nov. of 2011, then once more in Nov. of 2012, and the response, again, worldwide was nothing short of amazing!

Anyway, the reason for today’s post is to show you that not only were the reviews back to us so fulfilling and gratifying to us, number one in helping others with their health, but also showed us the possibilities of marketing our product, Isaiah’s Pure Natural, and the reasons were actually quite simple.

So many people got back to us proclaiming they didn’t own a juicer, or the cooking process involved in making the product created an overwhelming odor in their kitchens, or they couldn’t find the time to stop and make the product in their busy lives, and even they were having problems procuring all the ingredients needed.

So, Isaiah’s Garden was born, and our motto becoming, “WE BELIEVE!”

“WE BELIEVE” in not only our product, but in our faith as well!

Here in Isaiah’s Garden, we offer you again, a 100% ALL Natural product, with absolutely zero additives or preservatives, of exactly the same quality and freshness that I personally have taken nearly 4 years now in regards to my own Heart Health!

Not just that, but we also offer you this same product, DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR, cheaper than you yourself can make the product…on average, a cost to you of 67 cents per daily dose, and with an order of 3 bottles or more, we supply FREE SHIPPING, in the Continental US!

One 15 ounce bottle of Isaiah’s Pure Natural is a 30 day supply, as again, your daily dosage rate is 1 TABLESPOON daily!

If you’d like to read some of our older reviews first hand to see the reviews themselves, also take a look at the comaraderie that took place of others helping others…to us, this was an amazing act of kindness taking place among others, who had no idea of who the party was they were helping, but did so simply for one reason, kindness of one human being to another.

This to us showed one thing…

People worldwide can, and will get along, but, it seems sadly our world leaders are the ones who need the lesson in how to get along responsibly with our fellow brothers and sisters around the globe.

The reviews…the Dub and Deb you see was a pen name I used, and the Deb, is my late wife Debbie.


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