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Hello, my name is Doug Bronson. I’m the CEO and Founder of Isaiah’s Garden, and I’d like to take the opportunity this morning to welcome you to our brand new site!

For those who are our regular customers, I’m sure you’re wondering why the changes…new product names, new labels, new logo, and so forth.

Actually…I was wondering the very same!

No, in all sincerity, we as a company felt these were changes that needed to be made, and here’s our explanation for doing so.

After losing my wife Debbie to breast cancer in 2012, I often pondered how she stayed so lighthearted, so positive, and was such a blessing to so many of the people around her, myself included, faced with literally a death sentence.

At our church, Pastor Mike speaks of…a truth so simple.

You see, Debbie told me on numerous occasions of this very same thing…her Faith, and her BELIEF in GOD, were based upon this very thing…


Well, for 14-1/2 months Debbie and I were almost entirely inseparable.

She KNEW exactly what was taking place in her life here in this world, but knew just as well, what lay ahead of her in the next…she would have life eternal.

Looking back, I could never have had a better witness, bar none, than what Debbie had shown me.

I realize now, that Debbie WAS the REAL winner here, and even though I believed in God, and I talked with God, I had not even scratched the surface as to what Debbie had found.

I wanted this too…the very same.

With Debbie’s lead, and with God’s Blessings, I too now experience a much closer walk with God in my own regard.

Our Changes

Our company name, Isaiah’s Garden, is because of The Book of Isaiah.

This Book of the Bible was so inspiring to me it was incredible.


Isaiah 53.

When I read that particular chapter, it literally made for me, what Debbie had come to know so well…A truth so simple!

A short excerpt…

Surely He took up our pain

and bore our suffering,

yet we considered Him punished by God,

stricken by Him, and afflicted.

But He was pierced for our transgressions,

He was crushed for our iniquities;

The punishment that brought us peace, was on Him,

And by His wounds we are healed.

We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned our own way;

And the LORD laid on HIM

The iniquity of us all.

Because of this, we made the decision in our company to bring ISAIAH’S Garden into more prominent role…

Our flagship product “WE BELIEVE,” becomes, Isaiah’s Pure Natural, but we keep WE BELIEVE as our company motto, because of one more… truth so simple…


Not only through our Faith, but our products as well.

Lemon juice becomes Isaiah’s Lemon Life.

Ginger juice becomes, Isaiah’s Ginger Snap

Honey becomes, Isaiah’s Wildflower/Gallberry 100% Honey

And our newest product, Garlic juice becomes, Isaiah’s Pure Garlic Extract. The same great products, simply wrapped up, in a brand new package.

Once again, this post is simply explaining for our regular customers the changes we’ve made.

For all our new friends coming to our site, we want to express to you…

Welcome into Isaiah’s Garden, and thank you for stopping by!

Our gate is always open!

Doug and Kathrine Bronson


  • JULIE says:

    Thank you……Not sure how I found you….however, Wonderful words and very Uplifting….
    **We Believe** and Blessings to all of *You…….Thank you, Julie Wilkins

  • Doug says:

    Good morning Julie, and thank you for the kind words. We’re glad they meant something to you. But I must say, yes ma’am in fact you really do know how you found us…There are NO coincidences in God’s Kingdom. He puts people in your lives, I’ve seen this happen on numerous occasions. Keep Believing…and God Bless you and yours!

    Doug Bronson

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi there Doug,
    I believe that I was led by God to your site today. 🙂 Yesterday I cooked up a batch of fresh ginger, garlic, organic lemons, and organic apple cider vinegar with added organic honey. Like many others, it was a tedious job without a juicer! 😉 So today I was once again searching the web about this ‘tonic’ in order to perhaps find a simpler solution…and, so, here I am! 🙂 For a little background, I recently went for my yearly physical and my total cholesterol was 218 with my HDL being 60 and my LDL being 141. My doctor mentioned the possibility of taking a statin drug to lower it (especially since my dad died at the age of 52 due to his 5th heart attack in a 10 yr. period) and I told my doctor that I would much rather try reducing it naturally (especially since, at the age of 60, I have never had to be on prescription drugs). The week after my physical I was going to be flying here to Nevada for 7 weeks to spend time with our daughter and therefore I could not go for a recommended ‘stress test’ (due to some uncomfortableness in my chest recently) until after my return home to the East coast in late September. Since I’ve been here in Nevada I’ve been trying to find natural ways to bring my cholesterol down and improve my health and I’ve decided that I’m going to go ahead and start with my ‘homemade’ mix (which I worked so hard to make and is actually pretty gross) will order your Isaiah’s Pure Natural upon my return home. Thank-you so much for making this a possibility and for your Very Encouraging blogs and website. I pray continued blessings for you & your wife and for your business.
    Lucille (aka Lucy)

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