Health Enhancement Benefits of Ginger

Hello and we hope this post finds all doing well today.


If you have read my last post, you’ll remember we talked about the health benefits of honey, and how I call my wife exactly that on many occasions, “Honey.”


Well, I felt I better start off by stating emphatically that I don’t EVER call my wife by the topic of today’s post, and if I were to do so, I feel pretty strongly of having A LOT of explaining to do.


The reasoning behind this statement is self-explanatory…If I were, to walk up to Kathrine and say, “Hello Ginger,” the consequences I’m sure would be dire!


Before I end up digging myself a hole that I can’t get back out of, let me welcome you into Isaiah’s Garden, and let’s talk…




Ginger has been used as a Spice or Herbal Medicine for literally thousands of years in the Asian, Indian and Arabic lands.


In China, Ginger has been used to help Digestion for more than 2,000 years.


Ginger Root grows underground, and the root is called a rhizome. It also is a member of a plant family that includes cardamom and turmeric.


A Few Medicinal Benefits of Ginger


Ginger aids your body’s digestion, including gas, improves absorption, and is used in treatment for Nausea.


Other benefits along these same lines are morning sickness relief for pregnant women, and motion sickness as well.


Ginger is a great boost to your immune system, as are all the ingredients used in the manufacture of Isaiah’s Pure Natural.


Ginger is LOADED with Antioxidants, and helps to fight Respiratory problems.


Ginger is an Anti-inflammatory and aids in Joint Pain and Arthritis.


Ginger is great in aiding in your Heart Health, and helps maintain good Blood Circulation, as well as fighting off Colds and Flu, and also helping in preventing them.


Ginger has been mentioned in the treatment of Colon and Ovarian Cancer.


So as you see, Ginger is not only a great Spice to be used in soups, stir-fry, salads, marinades, and over fish, but is a fantastic All Natural Health Enhancer as well!


If you’d like to enjoy a Sore Throat soothing, and Immune Boosting Herbal Tea try this. Simply cut off a small piece of Ginger Root, dice it up into small pieces, drop it into a pot of boiling water and let it continue boiling for approx. 10 minutes, and pour into a cup.


If you’d like, you can add honey or lemon, or both, to taste.


Now, for those who care, and even for those that don’t, here is Ginger from A to Z…


You guys have a great day and God Bless!






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