Go Ahead, Spin the Cylinder…

Go Ahead, Spin the Cylinder. Maybe the Chamber is Empty, Or Maybe it’s Loaded With a Statin…Your Choice

 Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor, Pravachol, most of us know the names. How could we not know them when 1 in 4 Americans over age 45 is taking one of these drugs? Too often — which is to say nearly all the time – whenever blood tests reveal high levels of cholesterol doctors reflexively write a statin prescription. Statins are the medical community’s default position. They have become for high cholesterol what aspirins are for headaches. And while in most instances statins do reduce cholesterol levels, there are many experts who believe they may cause more harm than good.

Side effects from statins range from muscle pain and weakness to type 2 diabetes and heart failure. For many people, these effects are so serious that they cannot tolerate the drugs. And even if tolerated, the side effects may affect future health. Why don’t we hear more about this? Too many doctors are ill informed, that’s why. The pharmaceutical industry has too much at stake in statins, and these companies are able to assert too much influence with the high end medical journals.

As with all drugs, statins have side effects, and these effects can hurt you. Perhaps you will be one of the lucky ones for whom the drugs work and the side effects are minimal. However, if that’s not the case, or if you don’t want to take the chance; if another option, a natural option such as Isaiah’s Pure Natural may offer you the benefits without the risks, then wouldn’t it be wise to avail yourself of that opportunity?

Kevin Cutts


The above post comes from a very good friend of mine whom I’ve known since childhood, and today, Kevin is actually our Vice President of Sales for our Northeast Division.

It also comes from experience with Isaiah’s Pure Natural as Kevin’s mother has been on cholesterol medicines for several years. Just recently this all changed.

This from Kevin’s sister, Wendy in an email to me…


Mom had great news after using your cholesterol lowering product.  She is TOTALLY off all cholesterol meds!  Her doctor asked for the name of the product and actually looked you up on the internet.  I can only hope she steers more folks your way.  I go in for a cholesterol update next month.  I can’t wait to see the results.  I’ll be placing my next order next week.


This next email is from another Kevin…

Thank you sir – after two bottles my cholesterol level dropped 132 points – I’ll order more this month of the Pure Natural, and at the end of May I will have blood work done and write a testimonial for you.


As Kevin states, after 2 bottles, as each bottle of Isaiah’s Pure Natural is a 30 day supply with a 1 tablespoon a day recommended  dosage, he saw a cholesterol drop of 132 points. This brings up a valid point. We here in Isaiah’s Garden would like for you to give our product a 60 to 90 day trial.

At this point it has had time to get into your system, and it gets a fair shot of actually doing some good, although we do hear from people of health enhancement even a week or two after starting usage of it. Again though, we do recommend a 2 to 3 month trial period, preferably after your latest blood work, then, you can check your blood tests pre-Isaiah’s Pure Natural, versus after using our product.

You may very well be in for a surprise in this regard…from an all natural product, at a very affordable cost, around 67 cents per day or less.

You really have nothing to lose, but the upside could very well be…astonishing!

You guys have a great day, and God Bless!




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