Garlic…Benefitting Human Health for Thousands of Years

Over thirty-five hundred years ago in Egypt, the Codex Ebers, the authoritative medical text of the era, prescribed garlic for circulatory ailments. Ancient medical texts from China, India, and Greece have all prescribed garlic for medicinal purposes, which by the way, is one of the key ingredients in our product, Isaiah’s Pure Natural. The medical priests and wise men in civilizations and cultures that never crossed paths through trade or exploration find agreement in many of the benefits of garlic.

You like Mediterranean cuisine? If so, you are likely aware it has a good deal of garlic. Did you know that people living in those areas have lower rates of heart disease? This is because one of the components of garlic, allicin, is an anti-oxidant that is thought to prevent bad cholesterol from oxidizing, and it is oxidization of LDL (bad cholesterol) that promotes atherosclerosis.

Garlic also has some anti-bacterial properties and is known to help defend against several bacteria including Salmonella, Listeria, and E. Coli. In addition, studies have shown that garlic helps to reduce blood pressure by 1% to 5%. That may not seem like a lot, but that much reduction reduces the chance of stroke by 25% to 40% and heart disease by 20% to 25%. That’s a pretty impressive leverage.

Lastly, garlic helps to protect against vampires. You don’t believe me? I have it on good authority that there have been no vampire sightings in Italy since well before the time of Christ. Well, Italians eat a good deal of garlic. What more evidence could you want?

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