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Doug and Kathrine Bronson

Doug and Kathrine Bronson


We’re Doug and Kathrine Bronson, the owners of Isaiah’s Garden. It is our goal — and WE BELIEVE our responsibility – to help others to healthier lives through the bounty God provides naturally.

Our main product is “WE BELIEVE,” an all-natural juice designed to enhance health and boost the immune system. Embracing God’s natural bounty, the only ingredients used in WE BELIEVE are garlic, ginger, lemon, dark honey and apple cider vinegar. These foods offer time tested and clinically proven health benefits.

WE BELIEVE is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; it is not FDA approved and the government is careful about what they will let us say. Fair enough. Our product’s reputation is based on testimonials from all over the world, as well as personal experience.

In June of 2008 I, Doug, suffered a heart attack. Ultimately, this led to my being placed on Lipitor. The side effects of the drug – as with so many drugs – made it impossible for me to use. A friend from India gave me a recipe; he promised if I would just make the juice and stay on it, that I would be fine. I took his advice, and it changed my life. I have been free from all heart drugs for over 3 years, and my cholesterol numbers are perfect.

I was so grateful for the results that I twice shared the juice information along with my personal testimonial to my blog.

People used it; scores of messages came in describing improvement…and although cholesterol improvement made up the most of what I heard, that was certainly not the only story. Infections of different kinds had been fought and defeated; someone had asthma symptoms disappear. One man called it a “God send”; he wrote of his “unilateral vocal cord paralysis,” (I had never heard of such a thing!) which had led to nerve spasms and tissue swelling, steroid use and its accompanying weight gain…and all of this was gone, he swore, because of the juice.

I cannot begin to explain what it is like to have people you have never met or seen, offer you thanks and blessings for having made their lives better and healthier. I have never experienced anything like it; it was humbling, and I was grateful. However, along with the gratitude came pleas for me to make the juice. Folks complained about the smell of the garlic, or trouble in rounding everything up, or the time invested in the cooking. The general message was: I want this stuff. “Will you please make and market it?”

WE BELIEVE was born.

We have only begun to scratch the surface with regard to healthier eating, alternative health enhancers, and even old home-style remedies.

I know that our product, WE BELIEVE, has helped many others, and I truly believe as a God fearing man, that this is exactly what we as family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers are supposed to do…help others! On our site and through our product, this is exactly what we’re trying to do.

Thank you for stopping in and here’s wishing each and every one of you the very best life has to offer, and God Bless!

Doug and Kathrine…here in “Isaiah’s Garden.”

“Where our gate is ALWAYS open!”


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