5 Ingredients to Heart Health




Garlic + Ginger + Raw Honey + Lemon + Apple Cider Vinegar = Heart Health!



  • – Lower “bad” cholesterol
  • – Clear heart blockages
  • – Boost your immune system
  • – Get more energy
  • – Improve digestion
  • – Cure disease
  • – Kill viruses (like Coronavirus)


BUT it has to be prepared, cooked, strained, and bottled with specific instruction.


For example, specifically RAW honey needs to used, and garlic has to be added at a specific time to get the correct color and consistency to be the true heart tonic passed on from Ayurvedic and Eastern Medicine cultures.



There is a story as to how we got to this point of making this tonic, and like many who have found this recipe, it usually starts with a visit or an emergency visit to the doctors office with the news of bad cholesterol numbers, or worse, heart disease.



You see, I had a massive heart attack. After surviving, I was put on multiple prescriptions I thought I would have to take for the rest of my life. I was lead to try this recipe given to me from a very good Indian friend of mine with the intention to get off of those meds. I had been a skeptic of all-natural products as alternative heath treatments my entire adult life; perhaps one of the biggest skeptics. But, not only did this recipe replace ALL those meds, but also greatly improved my overall-health. Statin drugs have such toxic side affects. I am so thankful to have found this heart health tonic.



My wife and I were led to share this recipe online to help others, and in return we received many stories of astonishing health miracles from all over the globe! But we also had so many people complaining about the recipe being a huge process to undertake and how horribly it stinks up the house, which is so true… it is actually really gross to make…




Scores of others who couldn’t make the recipe for themselves started asking us to manufacture the blend. In light of this miracle recipe, and honor of the righteous disciple Isaiah, out of love, and convenience for all, our flagship product Isaiah’s Pure Natural was born.





Prescription statin drugs have such toxic side affects – like liver disease for example. Trading off one disease for another should not be how we treat our bodies but is the standard procedure when combating heart disease in America. Thankfully, we were lead to Isaiah’s Pure Natural as an all-natural health enhancer focused on lowering “bad” cholesterol and dissolving plaque build-up in arteries. Taking only one tablespoon a day can get you and your family off of prescription meds and and the road to heart health! Our bottle includes a 30 day supply – just take a tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach and watch your life change.




Isaiah’s Garden is a family owned company dedicated to bottling 100% all-natural products. We Believe™ you’ll love Isaiah’s Garden as much as our family has over the years. If you are not completely satisfied, let us know because we are committed to giving you the best nature has to offer.
Blessings from our family to yours,