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We Believe!

Welcome into Isaiah’s Garden, where our gate is always open!

Thank you for stopping in to visit with us and read about our product WE BELIEVE which is a freshly extracted 100% all-natural juice product used by many worldwide to enhance their health.

The only ingredients used in the manufacture of our product, WE BELIEVE,” are simply garlic, ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar, and pure, raw honey.

In juicing our lemon, ginger and garlic, which we do here on our place, we juice the peels as well, into our product. This being simply to utilize every bit of nutrition and health benefits we can from them.

The same juice you get off our production line, is exactly the very same I use personally in my own health regard.

Also, the honey used in our product comes from a local source, bought in 55 gallon drums, thus insuring a pure, raw honey being used in our juice.

We literally have to strain the honey ourselves to remove any bee wings or comb, from each drum.

Our choice of honey is a wildflower/gallberry mix honey, which happens to be of a dark variety.

Our reasoning for selecting this variety is actually pretty simple…

Darker honeys have more medicinal value than the lighter colored honeys.

Please take your time to navigate our site and read for yourselves the testimonials worldwide in regards to our product, WE BELIEVE.

Doug Bronson


(1 to 2) 15 Ounce Bottles- $19.99 each

(3 to 7) 15 Ounce Bottles- $18.99 each or .60 per serving (FREE SHIPPING in Continental US)

(8 to 12) 15 Ounce Bottles- $17.99 each or .53 per serving (FREE SHIPPING in Continental US)

Serving size is 1/2 ounce or 1 tablespoon per day, so 1 bottle is actually a 30 day supply.

Again, our product, “WE BELIEVE,” is an all-natural, freshly extracted juice, with raw honey added. I had a massive heart attack in June of 2008, and was put on 7 different prescription heart medications. I have taken this juice, “WE BELIEVE” personally for over 3 years now for my own heart health, with absolutely no prescription heart medicines.



To read our testimonials, please go to the Testimonial section of our website.

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6 thoughts on “Isaiah’s Garden – 100% Natural Health Juice”

  1. Hi there! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so
    I came to give it a look. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m bookmarking and will
    be tweeting this to my followers! Fantastic
    blog and fantastic style and design.

  2. Hello Michelle, and thanks for your dropping in to say hello to us as well. It is very appreciated!

    We’re glad you like the site, and LOVE your kind words! They too are appreciated!

    You bookmark, Facebook, and tweet all you like, because unfortunately, I am a dinosaur lost in a techno world, and don’t know much about any of them?? Oh how I miss the days of walking up to someone, shaking their hand, introducing myself, and giving them my spill over an RC cola and a moonpie! Lol

    You must have guessed it by now, yes Ma’am, I’m a Southerner. I remember the day when we just ate crackers…now I’m considered one!! Lol

    FORTUNATELY though, I do have people around who do know about this techno world, and I must admit, they leave me at times simply…

    Shaking their heads! Lol again.

    I guess I’m through jerking your chain, Michelle, but we do thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such kind remarks in our regard! They are, sincerely appreciated.

    Wishing you the very best life has to offer you young lady, and God Bless you, and yours!

    Doug and Kathrine Bronson…though I call her, “Lucky”

    Oh, I was serious about you bookmarkin, Facebookin, and tweetin bout us! Have at it Girl!!

  3. I am indeed very sorry to learn that your wonderful wife died 2 years ago.

    Since it was apparent the way you wrote that indeed you loved her very much.

    What astounded me was the fact that Deb relied on this cure to cure her cancer.

    Could you please confirm tthat your cure is only for heart disease and nothing else.

    For Cancer I recommend that you research DR Johanna Budwig.

    Also Please look up Cayenne Pepper and Dr John Cgristopher and kindly advise why your misture is better than Cayenne Pepper

    My very sincere condolences on Deb passing.

    She was a fine lady.


    Capt Hari Bhagat

  4. I recently received an order I had placed with you folks for some

    I recently received an order from you folks for five bottled of “We Believe” I had placed an order for. Thank you.

    But what I would like to do is send a bottle of the same to four
    relatives who live out of the state. Is there an easy way to do this? Please advise.

  5. Yes, you did place an order with us and first off we’d like to say thank you for doing so. It was very much appreciated.

    About the only things I can suggest is #1…use priority mail. The product is insured for $50.00. Then I suggest you look into the postal service flat rate boxes. Shipping has gotten pretty costly, and with each bottle of product weighing about 1.75 pounds, depending on where you are shipping, I believe the best you can do is around $5.80 per package, up to around $11.00 per package…again on the distance shipped. This being done using (1-2 bottles), where we use mainly interior bubble wrapped manila folders with each bottle wrapped individually in two sheets of bubble wrap as well, with fragile and glass clearly marked on the packages.

    The postal service have these packets as too, with a flat rate of around six bucks anywhere in the US. Our marketer just found these as our postal service did not carry them, but you can order them in, as we did.

    Secondly…In these types of packages, the product can be broken in the process of these getting from point A to point B…we have had two orders shipped back to us with only the addresses returned. We re-shipped product out, free of charge, to replace broken ones to our customers. This is not too bad with the number of orders shipped, but…Our product bottles are extremely durable, and in our quest to find the right bottles for our product we filled several designs with water and found we had to literally throw these bottles together to get them to break, as just dropping one on top of the other they would simply glance off each other. I’m not claiming the postal service is handling our product in inappropriate ways, but I am wondering…what’s up with that.

    In closing I would like to state that in our startup of operations, we were very concerned with keeping our product as cost effective as we possibly could so everyone could use it at their own discretion in regards to a health enhancer…everyone! This was the reasoning for our offering free shipping, and in our initial offering of our product we offered free shipping on every bottle and we were adamant on this. But, after shipping several bottles, we saw quite clearly, that on a 1-2 bottle purchase we were simply breaking even…at best. Because of this fact, we had to rethink our free shipping campaign, and the end result was free shipping on orders of 3 bottles or more…simply because of the high shipping rates.

    I saw just this past week, a man ordered 1 bottle…His cost…Over 25 bucks with his shipping cost added to our product cost. Again, with these types of shipping rates we simply would not have been able to stay in business offering 1-2 bottles with free shipping included. Sad, but true.

    I hope this has helped you out, and thank you again for your order. If we may be of any other help to you, please get back with us!

    God Bless you and yours.


  6. Good morning Captain!

    First, thank you so very, very much for such gracious statements in my, and Deb’s regard. They were very, very appreciated. All that knew her…loved her!

    Although you misstated in your assessment of Deb using this product, “WE BELIEVE” regards to treating her cancer. This we did not do, but on the cover page of this site I wondered aloud if we might have possibly missed an opportunity by NOT using this product.

    Let me say this right off the bat…I do not believe you made this remark in any type of being sarcatic of any alternative treatment in regards to her cancer. I know in my heart you didn’t because of your sincere condolences over Deb losing her battle.

    The reasoning behind our decision to NOT use this treatment in her regard was simply…cancer loves sugar. With this simple fact, we weren’t comfortable, at all using this.

    After the fact though, I found that pure, raw honey breaks down, and is used by your body in a much different way than regular, store bought sugar. If you have read the testimonials, I’m sure you read where a diabetic, a man, was using our product as a heart health enhancer, but also saw where his blood sugar levels had dropped, since using this juice.

    It was because of his statement, long after Deb’s passing, that I began to wonder…did we miss something? That was all…simply wondering if we possibly SHOULD HAVE integrated this treatment in with her other alternative treatments.

    I will say this though…Deb was literally given a death sentence by her doctor…no chance of curing it, with only a slight chance to maybe…maybe…get it into remmission. After 1 chemo treatment, she opted for alternative, AND…quality of life.

    She was given 8-9 months, but we got almost 15, and what a quality of life she had. Up until the last month she was running around in the yard with her grandchildren, working in the garden and literally having the very same life she led prior to her diagnosis. As Deb always said in regards to her alternative versus conventional, in today’s standards anyway, when asked, she’d tell you quite clearly…

    YOU, will have to make your own decision. I am not telling you to use one way or the other. You do what you, in your heart, know is the right way for you to go. I’m not saying do chemo, or not. I’m not saying do alternative or not. Again, you do exactly what your heart tells you…that’s all.”

    This website was deigned in the hopes of getting this all natural product, hopefully into many, many homes, and has been a Godsend to me in regards to my heart health, and many, many others, worldwide as well.

    I’m only beginning to scratch the surface in the benefits of all different types of all natural health enhancers. I want to know more, and get this out to others as well. We want to hear from people just like you, as you obviously are looking into them yourself.

    Help us Captain, if you have the time. From your references, and I have looked into Dr. John Christopher, help us again to see other ways to help others in their own quest for good health. Cayenne pepper I know is great already…beets, pretty much anything green are all very good, and I know personally of many, many others.

    We’d like to see a home, herbal remedy section on our site. Any, and all knowledge you, or anybody else would share with us (us meaning everyone), would be very much appreciated once more. Give it some thought…

    Thank you again Capt., and God Bless you and yours,


    Doug Bronson

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