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Thank you for stopping in to visit with us and read about our product WE BELIEVE which is a freshly extracted 100% all-natural juice product used by many worldwide to enhance their health.

Please take your time to navigate our site and read for yourselves the testimonials worldwide in regards to our product, WE BELIEVE.

Doug Bronson


(1 to 2) 15 Ounce Bottles- $19.99 each or .67 per serving (FREE SHIPPING in Continental US)

(3 to 7) 15 Ounce Bottles- $18.99 each or .60 per serving (FREE SHIPPING in Continental US)

(8 to 12) 15 Ounce Bottles- $17.99 each or .53 per serving (FREE SHIPPING in Continental US)

Serving size is 1/2 ounce or 1 tablespoon per day, so 1 bottle is actually a 30 day supply.

Our product, “WE BELIEVE,” is an all-natural, freshly extracted juice, with raw honey added. I had a massive heart attack in June of 2008, and was put on 7 different prescription heart medications. I have taken this juice, “WE BELIEVE” personally for over 3 years now with absolutely no prescription heart medicines.

Now my total cholesterol hovers around 196, with my bad cholesterol staying around 110.

In 2010 I was given this all natural recipe by a very good personal friend from India, although he has lived in the US since 1959.

Being the skeptic I am, I simply placed this recipe on my desk, and literally forgot about it.

This changed in 2011 when my late wife Debbie was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, and after one chemo treatment, Debbie opted for alternative medicines.

Although Deb’s decision to go alternative wasn’t affiliated with “WE BELIEVE,” it was at this point I, as a show of support for her, opted to start making this product for my own use in regards to my own heart health…and the benefits I received from this juice was incredible.

In late 2011, I put the recipe out on another website of ours to see if others would see health benefits as well. I reposted the recipe in late 2012 once more.

The testimonials we got back were so inspiring, and so gratifying to my new wife Kathrine and I, that we made the decision to start marketing our product…with the main intent being…convenience, and helping others.

We heard so many people responding to us that they didn’t have a juicer to juice the ingredients themselves insuring the freshest best quality product possible, or they didn’t have the time to make a batch, or the smell of the garlic and ginger cooking was overpowering to them, and even friends of ours stating, “Why don’t you guys make it for us, and we’ll just simply buy it from you, ” so that’s exactly what we did.

“WE BELIEVE”IS the result of this…an all natural alternative to better health.

We’ve received testimonials worldwide in regards to better heart health, better cholesterol readings, better blood pressure results, as well as numerous other ailments…asthma, diabetes, vocal chord paralysis,  hashimoto’s disease, and even different types of infected bites.

As I stated earlier, I am probably one of the worst skeptics there is, and honestly, if Deb had not decided upon alternative treatment in regards to her cancer, I have NO doubt, this product would still be sitting on my desktop.

A good example of not only my skepticism,  but in reality one of the people involved in making up our labels and banners as well, Barry, let me in on something just the other day.

Barry stated he had heard me talking about our product during one of my many visits there, and by doing so, he let me in on a little secret of his.

He told me quite clearly, just from listening in to my conversations there, his thoughts on me, and our product was…Doug’s a snake oil salesman.

He owned up to this.

Then Barry had just flown back home late one evening with a terrible sore throat and a bad cough to boot.

He told me he got home and was looking for relief…any kind of relief to soothe his discomfort.

He opened the refrigerator,  and because his wife Kim had been taking our product, he found himself staring at a bottle of “WE BELIEVE.”

He then told me he took a swig, right out of the bottle, and almost instantly his throat pain eased off and his cough was gone.

So, from that encounter, he not only bought a bottle from me then and there, but proclaimed me…not a snake oil salesman!

I just thought I’d share that with you, because we do run into many people who actually consider us in the the very same category that Barry did.

Once more, because of my own skepticism, the ONLY reason I ever made this juice was to give Debbie support in her own decision to go alternative. It really had nothing to do with me, but everything to do with her.

My only regret today is her not taking this juice as part of her alternative regime.

To be quite frank, we were concerned with the high honey content of this juice, and knowing cancer loves sugar, we were obviously very concerned with her taking it.

Looking back, I feel this could possibly have been an error on our part??

I do know this though…If our product helps only one other person…this endeavor of ours with this juice, has been well worth the time and effort.

Just that…is what this all about…a small attempt on our part to help others in their quest for better health and in turn, through this, possibly leading to a better life!

Too often today, people find themselves ridiculed in their religious beliefs.

We here in Isaiah’s Garden hold steadfast to these beliefs.

Obviously we share this on our website, our logo’s and our bottle labels.

“WE BELIEVE,” not only implies our belief in our product, but also our religious values as well, along with many, many of our customers.

We know wholeheartedly that the healing properties we’ve seen from this juice in my own regard, and the testimonials from others worldwide as well, aren’t coming from us here in Isaiah’s Garden, but from a power much greater than ours!

We simply are the messengers. ..that’s all.

Thank you all for stopping  by to take a look see at our site. It is very much appreciated.

God Bless!

Doug Bronson

Owner… “Isaiah’s Garden.”

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and is not FDA approved. Our product usage is based upon personal, and others testimonies worldwide in its regard.

A couple more testimonies…

Stv Chary says:

This is an excellent medicine. One of my friends, who recently went to Belgium told me that he met a person from Pakistan, who was advised to undergo Angioplasty. Then that patient went to a ‘Hakim’ (a unani doctor), who suggested this medicine. Believe it or not the blocks were found to have been cleared in 15 days. This is the truth.

Ruben Sandhu says:

well let me tell u guys, that i am an asthamatic patient since last 40 years, and after taking this mixture for the first time i was off steroid asthma just disappeared. To top it ,my immune system got a huge boost.

Ruben Sandhu says:

ok……i missed an important point…….my asthma was cured after i took the mixture for almost a month and a half…….Ruben……

KKumar says:

Hi Guys,

Just got back last night from the hospital after undergoing my angiogram. The results surprised me. All this while i was thinking that taking this mixture will help me a bit, But i was wrong.

It did not help me a bit. IT HELPED ME ALOT. I was in for a shock when the doc told me my stents are all clear and the 60% block i had in one vein was totally cleared. Wow. Was i dreaming…. no i was not.



Shabbir Tayebjee says:

I have been using this mixture of …for the past 8 months and has worked miracles., Cholestrol is way down , Blood pressure in normal , headaches are gone , digestion has improved. No more medication now.

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